Fountains (Pebble Fountains)

The pebble sphere fountains are produced by hand at our facilities in Lima, Peru. The base sphere is wire reinforced concrete, to which we adhere fiberglass mesh backing containing granite sliced beach pebbles; sphere base is hollow.
  • *3’ Diameter Sphere Bottom Opening: 12” Top Opening: 0.75” Wall Thickness: 1” Weight: 190kgs (419Lbs)
  • *2’ Diameter Sphere   Bottom Opening: 8” Top Opening: 0.75” Wall Thickness: 1” Weight: 100kgs (220Lbs)
  • *1’ Diameter Sphere   Bottom Opening: 4” Top Opening: 0.75” Wall Thickness: 1” Weight: 20kgs (88Lbs)
The pebble spheres have a wire reinforced cement structure with opening on the top (3/4”) and bottom (+/-30% of sphere diameter) to accommodate 0.75” pvc pipe for water discharge. The sphere needs to be placed on top of a basin, which accommodates the pump and recirculating water. Pumps and basins can be purchased from various suppliers e.g. AquaScape. Basins can also be built in place with CBS and waterproof lining. Miami Beach Pebbles, Inc only manufactures the pebble sphere and we do not provide any hardware for plumbing or electrical connections. Note: Pump, basin and plumbing are not included.